Explode Your Downline

Let's get down to business!

Factoid #1:

Home based business is a rapidly growing explosive market.

Market cap in the U.S. alone is in excess of 100 Billion dollars (USD)and growing.

What many find appealing is, The dream of financial independence and freedom that successful self employment brings.

Entrepreneurship is as American as apple pie and small business is the backbone of this country.

But why then, do the vast majority of home based business starts end up going down in flames?

Leaving well intentioned participants little other than a garage full of product, mounting credit card debt and broken dreams.

Let's dig a little deeper.

The industry's dirty little secret

Factoid #2:

The home business industry is plagued with rank amateurs and dominated by a few who know better.

Most start a home business as a sideline to supplement their present day job income.

Many, in hopes that it can turn into a serious income producer, affording them the option to quit their day job and live life on their own terms.

The majority of home based income opportunities are MLM by nature, utilizing multiple tiers of commission and income streams.

The largest players enjoy financial and personal freedom. Incomes range from the mid six figures right on up to the seven figure level for the "creme de creme".

This model is profitable in theory, as long as you are able to keep recruiting capable people into your down line.

Most sponsors and mentors are clueless when it comes to effectively recruiting, training and supporting their down line.

The majority will fail and leave the business.

The problem is not the product or the intent, but rather the owner's inexperience in business development and marketing.


A flawed methodology (duplication is where your mentor or sponsor tells you to emulate or duplicate what they do, follow the system). In essence, become everything from CEO right on down to the janitor and it obviously doesn't work, you need leverage to properly succeed.

We can't be good at every facet needed to build a business nor is there enough time in the day. That is why we teach you to think like a CEO and delegate, rather than duplicate, using leverage to become successful.

We teach, that you don't need to invest in products, or pay salaried employees to generate income for you, we'll show you how.

Your primary and only mission is to build a successful down line or expand your business. You do not need to be loading up with product every month to achieve that.

Scrubs & Amateurs

Duplication is the talk of scrubs and rank amateurs. Pros know better....at least ones earning six figures and more.

Think Like a CEO

Knowing your product is important, knowing how to build systems of leverage and who to market to is more important!

That is how you will build a deep organization, a profitable down line that prints money while you sleep.

Being familiar with your product doesn't mean committing to drink or consume five cases of it monthly.

If that's what your up line expects of you initially, then you'd better take a closer look, dig a little deeper.

True sales, if your taught right, does not require you to use or consume anything.

Sales pros know what I'm talking about.

I know.... I sound harsh here and yes, there are many very good products out there that reps really do like and want to share. But never lose sight of the fact that you are in business, and to that end you must sell and make a profit.

The choice is yours, just don't be cowed into purchasing anything un-necessarily.

As we say in NY.... It's All Good!

We all got some war stories to tell at one time or another.....and some strange inventories accumulated over the years. Smile.

They do get comical over time however.....I promise.

Its part of the process and PAR for the course, so don't beat yourself up over past errors in judgment.

Instead, take comfort in knowing that at least you tried and are in the game

You are a player!

You got on board, stepped up to the plate and prepared to swing for the fences, and that my friend is noble.

Don't ever let anyone tell you any different! Even those who share the same last name as you. Especially those working a J-O-B.

I'm not knocking MLM. It is a real business that can and does work, however only a small percentage of players are making any real money (six and seven figures annually).

Are you one of them? If not why?

Those who do, are employing fresh ideas and methodologies, not following the herd. Let's explore.

Let's take a look at the typical profile of today's home based entrepreneur. The Johnny come lately's if you will.

They are largely comprised of:

The white collar hoax escapees

White collar workers looking to escape the un-stimulating corporate hoax environment.

True believers in their own B.S. that a corporate skill set will give them an edge towards building a successful and profitable home based business.

Working Folks

Blue collar workers who are fed up and finally get it, realizing that trading hours for dollars has never worked and is highly un-stimulating.

This group largely represents the fastest growing segment of people who have joined the home based business ranks.

But what are these folks buying into?

What are they being taught and by whom? Did anyone ever stop to think and ask the tough questions?

Who's teaching the teacher? And what makes that person right or qualified?

Factoid # 3:

Better than ninety percent of them; your up line that is. Have never been properly trained in marketing, business development and worse yet, never sold anything before.

You get the picture.

And Guess What?

These are the very same people training you to buy in on auto-ship, go to meetings, cold call biz op leads, and bother your friends and family.

They are the very same group that is teaching you how to build your down line or business by duplicating them!

Yikes! That is scary!

Now you know the #1 reason why over the last 50 years ninety five percent of home based businesses have failed.

Follow the follower

It's a vicious cycle, and the name of this game is follow the follower.

Unproductive activities like cold calling biz op leads, being a huge pest to your family and friends, employing the three foot rule, going to silly network meetings, never shutting up about your great network marketing opportunity, no matter where you are.

I was at the funeral when he hit me with it!

I once was at a funeral when someone started telling me their network marketing tale.

The conversation started out something like this" Oh you wouldn't believe what I've stumbled on, it's a golden opportunity. I'm making good money and I've only been doing this about a month, but _____ is kicking butt and he's only been involved for _____ months and his sponsor is a millionaire.

Have you ever heard a conversation like this? Sounds familiar....right!

Kinda like some shill at the racetrack touting some stiff.

You know the kind, where you ask a reasonably intelligent question like, Tell me more about it? What are you so excited about? What's the product? Who's the company? Normal kinds of questions one would ask.

Right about now (if you've been around, you know what i'm talking about) they clam up and start babbling about how you need to come down to the next meeting to learn more about it.

How it can be better explained and understood at the meeting.

Kool-Aid is on the house!

Man, is that cheesy or what!

What the $$##***. You mean to tell me that you can't tell me right now....in general terms, in under ten seconds briefly what you’re involved with?

Why in the heck do I want to get involved with you? What are you in some kind of cult or something?

At least give me your elevator speech?

If you can't briefly explain what it is that you're involved with. Why did you bother to open up on me with that line.....at a funeral no less? See how people are being taught folks, this is not uncommon.

You get the picture. Right?

Trying to recruit at a funeral is a bad idea period.....don't ever copy this putz, he's a disaster and incidentally wound up losing everything, the house, the car, you name it and his mentor is now working on his fifth job.

But there is a great lesson to be learned here and that is; know when you can carefully present your idea and when to keep your mouth shut.

"TIP" Tie a can to their ass

If anyone approaches you lamely like this... cut them to the quick! Blow them off quickly and confidently without hesitation. Feel free to use any excuse you can find....(Potty break, cold, ask what the weather is doing outside) then tie a can to their ass and send them packing (sorry if I offend anyone) and don't come out until you no longer hear the cans rattling.

Fail to heed my advice, go attend the rah, rah meeting, sip the Kool-Aid; And you my friend, are probably about to become the proud owner of a garage full of shampoo, go go juice, toilet paper and toothpaste.

Whatever you do...don't make this pesky mistake. Learn when to speak and when to shut your pie hole regarding your biz opportunity.

This is a valuable lesson and you'll keep more friends.

Do you believe top performers are building their down line doing stuff like that?

There is a better way

Build a list of prospects by offering up freebies, getting prospects to opt into your newsletter, ebook or mini-course is certainly one intelligent way to build a list.

But first you must learn the basics of internet marketing, learn how to write copy that sells plus you'll be up against seasoned marketing pros, who know this game cold.

How fast can you learn to howl with the wolves?

How fast can you implement?

Are you creative and able to keep on creating? Can you offer up tremendous value and content up front for FREE? Give away DVDs, for Free?

Compose copy with content so engaging, so useful, that it sucks your reader right in...causing them to salivate and want more. Can you do this?

This is a talent that could take a minimum of weeks to develop on a very rudimentary level, and even months or years to master.

Master copywriters are not born, they are forged from blood, sweat and tears. The good ones earn rather healthy six figure incomes.

The good news for you, is that you don't necessarily have to be a master copywriter to make money.

But if you can do all of the above, then take comfort in knowing that you are in the top 1% percentile, and within a few short weeks or months, you will have a viable list of prospects earning you a very substantial amount of money.

Assuming you have the right message or product of course to suit your list.

Will You become the next email pest?

How many email contacts does it take before you are considered a pest?

That's right, old news, not important and un-worthy?

People have very short attention spans these days, trust me.

You are competing with some clever marketers. Marketers, who have the bank to hire good copywriters, come up with creative sales pieces, squeeze pages and ideas.

At the end of the day, we are all vying for the same dollars from the same crowd.

The market is huge and growing but so is the competition and boy is it tough! The speed at which some of these guys can enter the game and get up to speed is truly astonishing. Now you get the picture of what you're up against.

Never forget this.

Note that because a subscriber is on your list, he or she is also guaranteed to be on at least ten others. Ye' who's message marketing is best...gets the prize!

So with all the offers, great copy, ideas and opportunities constantly coming down the pike, being feed into your subscriber’s inbox.

Ask yourself...What's so special about me and my offer?

What differentiates me? See what I mean.

They'll click the unsubscribe link sooner than later if your emails are too numerous, don't deliver valuable content, are pushy, or too salesy.

People hate to be sold, but they sure love to buy!

Nobody enjoys feeling like chopped liver! You must first develop a rapport built on value and trust. You'd be amazed how at how many mistakes I see so called guru marketers making.

How much message marketing can a person absorb before they become numb and un-responsive? Worse yet start un-subscribing or hitting the delete button?

You have got to over-rule all the clutter in your prospects mind that is being message marketed to death each day.

You got to take it up on a different vibrational frequency that is in harmony with your prospect and cuts through to clarity. That clarity being of course your message, product or service.

What psychological triggers will you put in place ensure your prospects take action and pull the trigger?


You can work smarter instead of harder. You can shorten the sales cycle by not re-inventing the wheel or following the herd. You can plug into a new paradigm for business development that's turnkey, pretty simple and just needing a competent pilot to direct, tweak it and ca$$h.

Imagine having automated business development systems, that run like clock work whether you’re engaged in other activities or sleeping...... A radically different approach that leads to more prospects, more sales conversions and more income than you previously dreamed possible.

A blueprint system that uses the power of technology coupled with massive LEVERAGE and adaptability. How about on going training and coaching for you and your sales team? Daily!

Do you think with an arsenal like that in your tool box, you could do some damage? Make a little noise? Make things happen?

I don't care what business you’re in, or what the metrics are....this stuff works period. Why? Because at the end of the day it all comes down to marketing and speed period.

Without the right tools and systems working in your favor, how do you expect to compete against the big boys? They have the budget and resources to employ whole departments of marketers.

You can't do it alone and you know that by experience.

Marketing and customer acquisition, coupled with the speed and agility at which you can implement, are the whole difference between success and failure.

You see folks, because your competition is working the same market, everyone is psychologically tugging at the same prospects heart, mind and wallet. "Ye' who markets best, gets the prize" Every Time!

There are no second place finishers; this is a zero sum game.

Also rans get squat period! Play to win!

How good you are at what you do or how special you feel about your product or service is irrelevant. Best marketer wins hands down, every time....period. Got it....Good.

Are you coachable? Are you ready and able to make a commitment to change? Are you prepared to work a new plan?

If so, then you are absolutely going to smack the ball out of the park and hit a home run. You will become successful in ways you've only dreamed about before....up until now that is.

I don't care where you come from, makes no difference, what your past was like.... as far we can tell there are no rewinds or do-over’s.

However, the future is something you do own and control. You can either bend it to your will or do nothing and succumb. Become a victim of circumstance.

The choice is yours my friend. No excuses, no critics... this ones on you.... the person in the mirror.

Will you make a commitment to changing the way you've been taught to operate?

Are you open to new ideas and methodologies? Do you have the courage and conviction to set a new course of action for yourself and invest in yourself? Because if you won't do it, who will? I'll answer that question for you.... Nobody!

Will you embrace new challenges and look for opportunities or will you hang on to old familiar?

Stay in your comfort zone?

The years will go by in any event. Whether you make a commitment to new ideas or not.

Time is your most valuable asset, Time waits for no one.

Did you ever wonder why some people achieve so much in the same 24 hours we are all given, while others struggle?


Why is that? I'll tell you.....In a word... It's LEVERAGE. Leverage coupled with speed and agility to commit new ideas into action.....massive action! That's it folks, you just got the golden secret.

It's really that simple and don't ever forget it. Yes it takes courage of conviction to follow through on what you believe to be true.

Insanity by definition is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome or result.

Will you be satisfied getting the same results you've had? Or will you take massive action, set a new course of action for your business and self? For your family?

Make a commitment to excellence and get on plan to achieve the success you desire. It is doable!

Let go of the past, the fear that paralyzes us all and prevents us from becoming truly great.

Be open to new ideas and methodologies....ideas that could be life changing.

Take charge and start taking massive action....you will love yourself for it.

I want you to cross your Rubicon, get out of your comfort zone, erase false fear of failure, rejection and move forward.

If you’re serious and focused I know you will enjoy more success in the next 12 months than you've previously had in the last 12 years.

Living life on your own terms.....isn't that truly the definition of success?

That's what the great creator had in mind for all concious beings. To be great, to be stimulated, be engaged in life.... not to stagnate, live day to day, doing the same drudgery, but really live and dominate. I know this to be true and so will you....if you allow it.

It is sewn into the fabric of our nature to be dynamic and grow. Not stagnate and die.

What makes MacDonald’s so successful?

It's certainly not because they have the best hamburgers on the planet or the best 16year old workforce. It's because of their systems and training.

They have a proven system run by the numbers. A Systematic process that is scalable, can be easily applied and plugged into by all their franchisees. That's how MacDonald’s does it and that's why they dominate the fast food industry.

It is also why you will dominate yours as well. Using our proven system and methodology, you will deliver the 1-2 punch necessary to drive more prospects, close more deals and generate more revenue than ever before.

Automated systems that prospect, self qualify... is thinking like a CEO. Leveraging technology and systems to build your business, will multiply your efforts, increase your number of at bats, number of hits and ultimately home runs.

Your ratios will explode

After you become trained and versed in our methodologies, you will become a weapon, a mercenary of business, a minister of efficiency and power. One who get's more done in a week than you previously thought possible in months.

In Short you will become empowered and achieve things you never could have envisioned.

We will give you the edge, the support and training you need to grow your business and take it to another level.

We know what is working and have built layers into the program for you to expand and grow your revenue opportunities, including residual income, building massive/passive income for life.

We are looking for a few committed pilots who see the value in what we have to offer. People who will take the bull by the horns and make it happen! People who are motivated and want to take their businesses to the next level.

Is that you?

Failure is not an option here! You might say that we're like the Marine Corps of the business world in a sense.

We don’t take applications only commitments

What do you think the biggest producers in your organization are doing? The high six and seven figure earners? Do you think they might be doing things a little different than the herd? You bet they are.

Visualize the Future

I'm going to take you behind the curtain and show you the business model of the future. You will be ten or fifteen years ahead of any of your competition.

You will enjoy the Holy Grail of business..... "Having an unfair competitive advantage". I hope you can appreciate that and let it sink in, because while your competition is floundering, you will be kicking ass... Sorry to offend, but I gotta keep it real.

I want you to visualize for a moment, if you could.... time travel back to the dawn of the PC age in the early eighties? Or the dawn of the Internet in the late eighties and early nineties? Do you think you would have the insight and motivation to make a move, get involved? To profit?

Well that opportunity is here again, right now. You have the ability to be years ahead of your competition and enjoy a serious competitive advantage.

Once you get a leg up on your competition, they will be forever eating your dust and chasing, most likely never to be able to catch you.

Will you seize opportunity TODAY...or will you let it fleet from you. You owe it to yourself and your family. Do not allow false fear to paralyze you.

I invite you to leave your comfort zone and think outside the box. Do something great!

We truly do create our own realities.

Massive Income & Profit

I will show you how to create massive income quickly and consistently by thinking like a CEO, using the power of delegation rather than duplication. Power thinking future competitive advantages that will give your business a huge advantage the competition just can't see or implement.

Smart businesses keep evolving and changing as necessary. Through leverage of personnel and technology, smart business dominates it's respective markets. I am going to show you exactly how to do it too! Only faster and better.

Our program teaches you how to get a room full of hungry sales people ready and eager to do your selling for you, without spending a dime out of pocket. That's right, they will literally line up and beg you for the opportunity to do this for straight commission. No salaries, no draw or upfront monies either. When you get paid they get paid. And no brick and mortar expense or phone room either!

You will learn by the numbers, you will be shown exactly how to employ the power of leverage, technology and systems, to drive more prospects, get more conversions, think like a CEO and ultimately make more money....a lot more money. Quickly.

10K a Week Doable? You better believe it is

We got a piece of the puzzle we affectionately call our 10K program; it teaches you how to leverage yourself to explode your income quickly, as in 10K a week! Is it doable? You better believe it is! And yes it is included in the program. Keep reading.

No more banging the phone for hours on end, dialing for dollars and dealing with nasty rejection, talking to unqualified strangers. The power of our system takes care of that for you. In-fact if you never want to speak to a prospect again you don't have too. I'll show you how.

Folks, this stuff is real and it is powerful. You will be amazed with what you learn here. You'll have one of them Ah ha moments. It is exciting and works. I’ve barely scratched the surface here.

Working on your business rather than in your business will free up your time and open up unlimited possibilities for you. I know I've said a mouthful here but I am excited for those who will take action and absolutely change their future and their fortunes.

Morph yourself from annoying pest to invited guest?

Your prospects will seek you out, instead of you chasing them. Think about that! Is that powerful, awesome or what? You will go from annoying pest to welcome guest. Esteemed sought after expert, who solves problems. You will become an in-demand sought after commodity; dealing only with whom you choose. SWEET!

Watch suddenly how family and friends gravitate towards you, buss you in respect, readily pay any price to get involved and be around you and your business.

You become magnetic attracting more wealth and opportunities that you ever knew existed.

Seasoned sales pros will love the shift from cold prospecting to trusted advisor. It is life changing and uplifting. Sales doesn't have be so hard, infact it should be fun.

Are you getting results like this?

Why Not? Raise your hand up high and say Joe tell me more. Send an email to me directly at millionairementor66@gmail.com and after I breifly speak to you, I'll decide if this is right for us. If i do, I'll send you a link to an online video presentation further explaining what we got cooking here.

I will do not give you lip service. I will prove it to you point blank in black and white for you to see. In the comfort of your own home on your PC yourself, without any sales pressure whatssoever. You will see first hand what I'm talking about here, and how you might become a candidate to get involved in this massive opportunity.

Sales pressure, in a word Nope!

I will not sell anyone, nor do I have too. Because frankly, if you can't see the value and power in this after you view the online seminar in your home. You either need more seasoning in the business world or need to stay on the J-O-B.

After you watch the presentation, most if not all of your questions will be answered. You will then call me back and I will determine that you are a good fit. If I choose to work with you, I will give you further instructions on how to get involved.

Folks do you see what's going on here? I'm not chasing anyone, I will be contacted by only people interested in what I've got to say. And I will determine.... if I so choose to work with them. That's powerful! The video presentation will self qualify and weed out the pretenders from the contenders. I only deal with interested prospects. I hope you see power of what I'm doing here. It is but a small snapshot of the big picture. But it is powerful, isn't it?

With that said, I will only work with real entrepreneurs and business people, who have at a minimum the right attitude and mindset. Read Joe's golden rule below.

Joe's Golden Rule: No Bitchers, whiners or moaners....Please

I have no time, desire or patience deal with lazy people who want something for nothing, whiners, cry babies, or delusional types. Sorry for the tone, but I just want to be clear on this.

This system is battle proven and field tested, so we know it works. It is presently making a select few people a ton of $$$$ right now.

You must be a doer though, you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and put forth the effort. This is a business and does require real grown up effort and attention. There is no magic easy button here and nobody will do it for you but you.

A powerful field tested, proven system of winning

What you'll get from us is a fully supported proven system of automated lead generation and qualification and training. You will receive considerable value and support, worth many times the price of investment alone. The training alone is incredibile, it is on going, daily and it's included for you and your team.

As as a seasoned entrepreneur and sales pro, I think you would literally have to be insane not to want to get involved if your serious and accepted. You decide, I can promise you this, I will not hound you nor will I chase you.

A) I don't have too.

B) It's not my style

C) There are just too many interested people here who see the tremendous value in the program, and want in immediately. I can't work with everyone.

21st Century Business Model

The 21st Century Business Model you are about to embark on is a quantum leap forward in your epic journey to a new life and future. One that is shaped and controlled by you. I'm really excited for you, I mean it! I know you will be successful if your work the plan. And I am not worried about competition because frankly when you’re successful, you will amplify my success as well.

Secondly, there is a worldwide market for what we do and I can't possibly market nor handle the entire planet as customers. There is room and potential for 1,000 people to work this and become millionaires. Market is 94 Million people worldwide and growing. Will you be one of them?

Your initial investment in our system is guaranteed as long as you work the plan. You are backed by our 45 day iron clad guarantee, that states as long as you work the system (verified by us) you will be guaranteed to make at least your upfront investment back. That's how positive we are about the results.

Frankly folks, if you can't turn your initial investment within 20 business days or less after training, your doing something wrong.

You and your people will be mentored, coached, and trained DAILY by the best in the business. It's all inclusive, no additional costs or fees whatssoever except an 100.00 annual registration fee.

No getting nickel and dimed to death here. We don't believe in it.

I am looking forward to working with a select few of you, taking you on a journey fast forward to your destiny. The one you've always envisioned for yourself and family.

If you believe you got the right stuff. Contact me and let's see if this is a right fit for you. If I beleive it to be so, I will forward you the link to our seminar presentation, detailing what we have going on here. We will not take on everyone, just the right one's, so please understand.

Wishing you health, wealth, happiness and much success.

Yours Truly,

Joe Ballard
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